Monday, October 18, 2010

"Aion," summed up their experience with the bow trap star

1, glue traps

The most primitive traps, strange choice for control, absolute good skills, both single-P, copy, control strange kites emergency is a good thing

2, toxic trap

Early I used more rarely now I basically use the CD and glue it overlapping, single Shaguai and PK still used, very good, usually have arrows instead of using highly toxic

3, Explosive Trap

Poor lost the skills I have friends, do not feel much harm beating 鎵撴? ... ...

4, bound trap

Discarded, and the glue of CD's it, not to open the game, forgotten, discarded anyway, because after the attack with the click will automatically unlock the shackles, when I really want to use glue or replaced with a group tied the

5, dust trap

I feel better with the particular and the sword cut the time of the

We went to Magic hole killing, using the dust, the soldiers asked not to have feelings, the soldiers did not feel that high dodge, ah, oh silent

But Star team and kill, kill anti-strange star when the treatment increases the blood, if you have a strange not to give him up a dust he Naozhuo to good effect, he said ... well ... very well

Dust Summary: This slows down the other side singing justifiable; especially the BOSS to send large skills, they can give you the opportunity to walk around thinking; to evade the high point of the people will feel easy to use, cut each other than Kazakhstan, under the books, brush JY, particularly in group attack, put a good, good things

6, groups of binding (forget his name, the range of 10 meters is bound trap)

I occasionally use the following, in particular a collective sprint, it was strange group received chase, I put one, then ran to see the back of the green as they grow barley grass, haha

This trap defects can not attack the strange, the attack about, breaking the trap on

7, rope trap

Branding skills, how do you say, people love so full of hurt, ah, secretly put a skill, quietly pull the enemy to step on, silent prayer Do not resist the occasional non-resistance, joyful hearts, straining under fire fire, fire end, hundreds of blood found on it ... ... as a small nail hair demonic skills it

Throw a well-deserved

8, dashed trap

DP consumed large strokes, and LP to kill crows have been three personal attacks, which the other party has cured, sword star, died after being cured by my mill, sword star finally catch up with me and I LP to kill him, I suddenly see cure climb from the ground up ... ... a strong Xisha him, the thought of his own on the first resurrection, suddenly saw him up ... ... Ghosts, and then I estimated that he used the self-resurrection Stone (until the resurrection with their own skills)

And this time, my wife and I are very dangerous, and blood are less than half, and pulled up on the ground if another cure, together with blood, as we have set, and I so he ordered a DP medicine, put a burst ( not used this stuff before it), because everyone in the pile of cut, and on the sword and I just put a anti-dust + crimson before to now, I see the cure not care for her blood increases, transient I put a burst on the stoop, "H", healing and blood is running all get on the ground of the Sword Star

I have stunned for a while, my wife asked me how they had ... ... a ghost that shattered so fierce that oh

On the other after

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