Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Infringement Play TV "Ugly Wudi" has been indicted potatoes cool 6

銆??婀栧崡鍗杩戞棩宸叉寮忓鍦熻眴缃戙?閰?缃戞彁璧疯瘔璁笺? 14, the "Daily Economic News" reporter attorney from the Department learned of Hunan Satellite TV, Hunan Satellite TV that the number of video sites without permission, play produced by Hunan Satellite TV investments TV series "Ugly Wudi" in the first quarter, violation of Hunan TV copyright. Two lawsuits will be held in February this year in Shanghai, Beijing court.

Hunan TV's Golden Eagle Network legal counsel, law firm of Hunan Golden State land just lawyers yesterday to the "Daily Economic News", told reporters that in the absence of authorization, potatoes and Cool 6 network network network platform that is in their own provide "Ugly Wudi" in the first quarter of video content, Hunan Satellite TV has two video sites in the recent prosecution of infringement.

Land just to the "Daily Economic News" reporter said, "Ugly Wudi" in the first quarter of the marketing has been to the infringement of, Hunan Satellite TV prosecuted two Web site: to call immediately remove the video, and a certain amount of compensation. Each other in tort process, although not charged to the audience, but by improving Web site hits, get advertising, has been illegally obtained benefits.

Hunan Satellite TV for the prosecution, potatoes, head of media relations network, said Liu Jie, is not clear whether the company received the relevant legal documents, the company has now decided not to make any response to copyright issues. Cool 6 network marketing staff told the "Daily Economic News" reporter, is not clear in this case, temporarily unable to make any response.


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