Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Yuan established the value of win-win connection

March 15, 2008, Rui Youxin channel information technology IT Limited South China Hotel in Guangzhou Meaning of Random House grand opening. Rui Yougong Division, as a professional application access solutions provider, made a theme of "the value of connection, well built and win-win" speakers.

At the meeting, Swiss Friends of the professional and technical personnel management software and access to the domestic market has done a brilliant analysis; and the Swiss Friends of the 2008 channels to support policy and product development strategy has done seminars; the same time, the typical customer case sharing, everyday shows the Swiss Friends of Tianyi for enterprise management and application of information technology value.

As Rui Youhua management software industry in Southern District, Tin Shui Network Technology Co., Ltd. Guangzhou agent in this grand meeting, released in 2008 on the partnership and support of the preferential policies, have been warmly welcomed the participating channel partners, parts of the new enthusiastically of the old partners signed a cooperation agreement, and asked Ray to the local Friends of the technical staff to do technical training, to open the local market confidence.

The meeting aims to enable more channel partners a better understanding of Swiss Friends of the Tianyi remote access system in the user information management strategy, an important position; know the remote access system to the enterprise resource optimization management, remote application, centralized management, reduce IT total cost of ownership and enhance core competitiveness of enterprises and other important role; and professional services for the 2008 Swiss Friends of the concept given in detail.

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